Our Story


One day our management team was struck with a thought. How can we help more small to medium size businesses succeed? As individuals we monitor our weight, blood pressure, security system, financial portfolio and even our friends – all on our mobile phones. Why don’t business owners and managers monitor their stores and enterprises the same way?  We quickly realized why – because it’s really hard to do! 


So we had an absolutely crazy idea. What if a business owner could see everything going on in their business real time – right in the palm of their hands – anytime, anywhere? We met with a large number of retailers to see if they liked our idea. The response was overwhelmingly positive. We asked what they wanted to see in a mobile interface on their phones and then we listened. We listened a lot.


After cobbling together an initial mobile app we felt met the needs of busy business owners, we let them test drive it. We listened and listened some more. After a number of iterations with feedback from retailers and managers, we knew we were ready to birth “Thrive” and let the small and medium size businesses have what Fortune 500 companies have – real-time analytics and notifications on exactly how their business is performing. Sales, profitability, margins, COGS, marketing and social media interaction – all in one place: The palm of your hand! 

Welcome to Thrive. It’s a totally new day! 


Our Team