Thrive Small Business Scholarship

Update 2/17/16:  We're happy to announce the winner of the scholarship - Jen-Yu from California. 

Thanks to all the qualified candidates who applied.  It was a tough decision and we enjoyed reading all of your wonderful essays!


Thrive is happy to announce that we're offering a scholarship to a future small business owner.  Small businesses are the heartbeat of America and we're excited to help budding entrepreneurs in this small way.  Please see below for more information and apply for the scholarship!

Am I eligible?

You're eligible to apply if:

  • You are a full-time student enrolled in a two year, four year, or graduate program
  • Your GPA is 3.0 or above
  • You plan on starting your own business within 5 years of graduating college
  • Extra credit if you like small business apps as much as we do!

How do I apply?

Send the following information to

  • A copy of your college transcript
  • A copy of your resume or link to your online portfolio
  • An essay (400 - 600 words) describing why being a small business owner is your dream and why you'll succeed

What are the specifics?

  • The application period is open from August 1, 2015 to January 31, 2016
  • We'll announce the winner by March 1, 2016
  • The winner will receive a $500 scholarship that they can use on any qualified education expense